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♦ Our Export Products: Fresh Fruits

Bangladesh is a Land of River and canal. It saturated at South East Asia near North of India. It is densely populated country. Total population is 160 million. Rate of education 70%. It is an agricultural Country. Also 2nd biggest exporter countries of Readymade Garments in the world mostly to Europe, USA and Middle East countries. In respect of price & quality in the export market of readymade garments Bangladesh is the top most competitive countries in the world. Manpower cost here is lowest in the world therefore cost of any kinds of agricultural & industrial products are highly competitive. Result of which most of importers of different develop and developing countries are attracted to buy/Import Bangladesh origin Agricultural product & readymade garments infrastructural facilities of Bangladesh is also quite good.

mature Coconut Coconut season: April-Sept
Green coconut Green Coconut season: May-Aug
pineapple Pineapple season: May-Aug
Banana Banana season: May-Sept
palmyra palm Palmyra Palm season: Aug-Sept
fresh green lemon Lemon season: May-Aug
papaya on the tree Papaya season: Jan-Jul
papaya Papaya season: Jan-Jun
tamarind Tamarind season: March-Aug
seed of tamarind Tamarind season: March-Aug
water Melon Melon season: April-Jul
Sweet water Melon Water Melon season: April-Jul
water Melons of Bangladesh Water Melon season: April-Jul
Jack fruit Jack Fruit season:May-Jul
jack-Fruit's juicy cell Jack Fruit season:May-Jul

Although Bangladesh is tropical country yet temperature remain within 10° C to 32° C during different season. There are six season run in Bangladesh and sufficient rainfall occurs in different season. Soil of Bangladesh is very fertile and very easy to grow different agricultural products with considerably low cost compare to any other develop & developing countries.

Farmers of Bangladesh are traditionally skilled, hardworking and experienced. So, many develop countries like Malaysia, Korea & Middle East countries are importing skill farmers from Bangladesh for producing their Agro product with low cost.

Different areas of Bangladesh contain different types of soil which are well suitable for producing different Agro products. Since, in Bangladesh six seasons run, therefore in different season grows different kinds of Agro products which are suitable for world’s export market.

The most common and demandable Bangladesh origin Fresh Fruits are: ♦ COCONUT (Narikel) ♦ GREEN COCONUT (Daab) ♦ PINEAPPLE (Anarosh) ♦ BANANA (Kola) ♦ PALMYRA PALM (Taal) ♦ LEMON (Lebu) ♦ JACK FRUIT (kathal) ♦ SOUR TAMARIND ♦ ANOLA ♦ WATER MELON

At present those Fruits mostly are exported to U.K. & Middle East countries by Air Shipment.

Beside, in Bangladesh there are no strong high-tech Agro base value added product producing Industry, so, if any entrepreneurs willing to setup any Agro base value added product producing Industry here surely he will be very much benefited by selling/exporting those products in home & abroad. Because man power cost and other overhead cost here is quite low compare to any other country.

Interested potential buyers/Importers are most welcome for any of their requirements and exchanging further information.

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