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♦ PROVIMI Hi-pro toasted soybean meal, 50% min

PROVIMI Hi-pro toasted soybean meal, is a high protein containing toasted soybean meal, protein is 50% (Max) & digestibility is 85% (Min). It produced from normal raw soybean meal through a sugar soluble extraction process and then well toasted. Result of which anti nutritional factors of raw soybean meal reduced considerably and product becomes good digestible. The carbohydrate of product aid good source of energy.

The processed Hi-pro soybean meal will definitely reduce the feed cost by reducing inclusion rate compare to normal raw soybean meal. By this way cost of production will go down. Because soybean is the biggest protein source in the feed.

Since anti-nutritional factors of Hi-pro soybean meal is reduced through a specific process, so, it will support to absorb maximum portion of nutrient from feed which will help to good production and growth.

♦ Typical Analysis

♦ Amino Ai Profile

Name Percent
Crude Protein Max 50%
Crude Fat Min 2%
Crude Fiber Max 3%
Ash Min 6%
CMoisture Max 10%
Digestibility Min 85%
Carbohydrate Min 29%
Name Percent
Arginine 2.78%
Cysteine 0.63%
Histidine 1.26%
Isoleucine 1.96%
Leucine 3.43%
Lysine 3.21%
Methionine 1.10%
Phenylalanine 2.26%
Thereonine 1.76%
Tryptophan 0.59%
Tyrosine 1.55%
Valine 1.93%

Metabolized Energy | 4035/ Kg

♦ Salmonella | Absent/25g

♦ Shelf Life 12 Months.

♦ Packing | Bulk in Container or in 50Kg pp bag.

♦ Product of Brazil

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