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♦ MUESLI | being a rich source of various minerals and nutrients.

It is a very very high health beneficial product. Basic ingredients of Muesli is rolled oats or wheat flakes along with various dried fruits, nuts and seeds which is very healthy. It can eat with hot and cold milk or yogurt or in hot water as like cork flakes.

"American Dietetic Association” said that

Adults must consume around 25 to 38 g of muesli on a regular basis. Muesli, being a rich source of various minerals and nutrients. It is very beneficial for human health. Some of the major components of MUESLI are as follows:

♦ Protein ♦ Manganese ♦ Iron ♦ Sodium ♦ Beta-glucan ♦ Lignans ♦ Carbohydrates, ♦ Vitamins like B1,B2,B3,B5,B6,B9,B12,C,E,K ♦ Chlorine ♦ Omega 3 fatty acids ♦ Magnesium ♦ Calcium ♦ Zinc ♦ Copper.

Among those, health benefits of following products are given below. TO KNOW MORE ABOUT ....

Muesli Choco and Nuts Muesli Choco & Nuts 15550
Muesli Premium sweets Muesli Premium 15552
Mix Fruit and Mix Nuts Muesli with Tropical Fruit 15548

There are a number of health benefits of muesli starting from strengthening bones, protecting heart to taking care of nervous and digestive system. The antioxidants present in it, make it an antibacterial agent that helps your body fight lot of germs, infections and other diseases. Further, the addition of healthy oats in muesli manifolds the health advantages.

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