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♦ Export Product of Mega Group: Fresh Potato »

Potato is a starchy tuberous crop and becomes an integral part of much of worldwide food / potato food supply and suppliers. It is the world’s fourth largest food crop, following maize, wheat and rice. The annual diet of an average person in the first decade of the 21st century included about 33kg. of potato.

Bangladesh is now one of the big potato producing and exporting countries in the world. In the year 2011, potato exporters in Bangladesh produced 8.5 million M.Ts of potatoes among which around 40% is exported and it is increasing year by year. For the year 2013 production target is 11 million M.Ts. Potato is now one of the good export quality agro products of Bangladesh.

4 (four) good taste varieties of potato grow in Bangladesh. Those are »

GRANOLA Potato Round 50 gms to 150 gms.
DIAMOND Potato oval 50 gm up.
MANILA Potato Round 80 gm to 120 gms.
CARTINAL potato Red Round 60 gm up.
cartinal potatoes cartinal potato
diamond potatoes diamond potato
granola potato granola Potato
manila potatoes manila potato
white sweet potato sweet potato white
red sweet potato sweet potato reddish
Sweet Potato Raddish sweet potato red
potato packing potato packing
potato pack potato packing (2)
potato packings potato packing (3)
storing potatoes storing Potato
potato stuffing in the container stuffing in container

Most sell-able potato sizes are 50 to 150 gms. Besides above mentioned varieties, MEGA GROUP also produces and exports Red & White color Sweet Potato. Those have very good demand in home and abroad market.

In respect of quality, taste and price; Bangladesh origin potatoes are good competitive compare to other Asian country’s potatoes. Therefore importers of world’s many countries are attracted to import / buy potatoes and other agro products from exporters of Bangladesh.

The main importing countries of Bangladesh origin potato are SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA, SERILANKA, UAE, SAUDI ARABIA, OMAN, VIETNAM, PHILIPPINE AND RUSSIA. MEGA GROUP is Exporting and re-exporting Bangladesh origin Potato to other overseas countries.

Although harvesting season of potato starts from November till March, but round the year we export potatoes with variable price from cold storage. Under optimum conditions, potato can be stored for up to ten to twelve months.

We have well setup for exporting fresh potatoes in Bangladesh under mesh packing of 10 kg. 15 kg. & 20 kg through reefer container with best competitive price.

Bangladesh origin potato now secured good export market share in the world’s potato market due to quality, taste and best competitive price.

To meet the demand of world’s importer and exporter, MEGA GROUP is in a position to grow specific variety of potato suitable for tropical country.

Bangladesh climate and soil is very suitable to grow tropical country potato with best competitive price as labor cost of farmer here quite low compare to any other potato and Agro product growing countries. So, if any buyers / importers are willing to procure such specific tropical variety potato please feel free to contact us for further negotiation.

Winter season (November to March) is suitable for growing & harvesting potatoes in Bangladesh. When temperatures remains within the range of 12 C° to 18 C°.

In Bangladesh there is now strong value added potato product producing industry. Therefore produced fresh potato of MEGA GROUP mainly export and consume locally. So, any entrepreneur if willing to produce any value added potato products in Bangladesh surely he will be highly successful and benefited by selling and exporting those products in Home and Abroad, because population of Bangladesh is 160 million and man power cost is quite low.