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♦ Sea water frozen fish

Sea water fish of Bangladesh are caught from Bay of Bengal Sea. Bay of Bengal is the good source of different kinds of fish. There are many species of tasty fish are caught from Bay of Bengal. Such as
♦ Pomfrets ♦ Indian Salmon ♦ Seabass ♦ Red snapper ♦ Eel fish ♦ Ribbon fish ♦ Bombay-duck ♦ Jewfish ♦ Spanish Mackerel ♦ Lizard fish ♦ Mullets ♦ Tongue sole ♦ Cat fish ♦ Cuttle fish ♦ Black tip shark etc.

Yellow Croker: 20-23kg. Block Size: under 100gms. 100-200gms 200gms up. Season: Aug-May
Yellow Croker Block Season: Aug-May
Tongue Sole Block Season: Aug-May
Tongue Sole: 20-23kg Block Size:under 100gms 100-200gms 200gms up Season: Aug-May
Cuttle Fish: 20-23kg. Block Size: under 100gms. 100-500gms & up. Season: Aug to May
Golden Conger Eel: 20-24 kg. Block Size: 500gms-1kg, 1kg-2kg, 2-5kg & 5kg up Season: Aug-May
Ribbon Fish: 20 to 22kg Size: 150-500gm Season: Aug-May
Leather Skin Size:1-2kg, 2-3kg, 3-5kg, 5kg up. Season: Aug-May
Spanish mackerel Size:1-2kg, 2-3kg, 3-5kg, 5kg up. Season:Aug-May
Silver Promfret 20 to 22KG block size:100gm, 200-300gm, 300-400gm Season: Aug-May
Chinise Promfret Season: Aug-May
Silver Promfret 20 to 22KG block size:200-500gm, 500gm up Season:Aug-May
hilsha (Sea shad) Season:Jul-Sept
Bombay-duck Season:Aug-May
SEA-BAS(Cock-up) Size:500gm-1kg, 1kg-2kg. Season:Aug-May
Tuna Season:Aug-May

♣♣ Catching and landing season of most of the sea fish starts from AUGUST and last till MAY.
» Sea fish make frozen for export in two ways. Among them one is shore frozen in fish processing factory and another is on boat frozen in the deep sea trawler.
We are in a position to supply all kinds of fishes produce in Bay of Bengal. We have been doing export & import business of sea fish from long. Any inquiries of oversea buyers are welcome.