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♦ Season wise the items we are in a position to export are given below:

Aromatic Rice
Aromatic Rice is rich with Aromatic natural chemical compounds which gives it a distinctive scent. Numerous varieties of rice are aromatic, ranging from the famous Basmati to much lesser known Randhunipagal. It can be used just like conventional rice for cooking, but adds a new dimension of flavor and aroma to meals.

In the 1990s, Aromatic Rice began to export to the overseas popular market, leading to increased consumer demand and the development of numerous specific cultivars with unique flavors and scents all their own.

Aromatic rice - chini gura CHINI GURA
aromatic Rice - Kalijira KALI JIRA

It is a delicious exportable excellent product of Bangladesh with attractive flavor which creates hunger of human being due to its mouthwatering test. In any festival for making rich food like Polaow, Biriyani, Khichury, Firni, Kheer, Plan rice etc. Aromatic Rice is very suitable for better health and digestion.

In Bangladesh there are two varieties of Aromatic Rice is found. Name of one is CHINIGURA & another is KALIJIRA. Both are small rice with attractive aroma.

Before export those rice are properly cleaned and make free from impurity. Those two famous Aromatic Rice can be supplied form Bangladesh round the year with fluctuating price.
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