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♦ Season wise the items we are in a position to export are given below:

Flattened rice
Flattened rice is a delicious food produces from dehusked rice through special process which is flattened into flat like dry flakes. Before eating, it should immerse in the warm or cool water for 5 minutes. Then it will become swell and soft. After then add milk or yogurt, banana or mango, sugar and salt and then it will become very testy food. It can also fry along with some spices which becomes a delicious food. Flattened rice is easy to digest and good for the sick people as good source of nutrition and energy.

As an export product of Bangladesh, flattened rice can be supplied round the year with a fluctuating price. It is 100% natural and no chemical is added.

Interested buyers are requested to contact us for exchanging further information.

Flattened Rice or Chirra Flattened Rice
Flatten Rice (Chira) Flatten Rice(Chira)
Flatten Rice (Chira) Flatten Rice