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♦ MUESLI | being a rich source of various minerals and nutrients.

Some health benefits of Muesli are given below:

1) Gives overall nutrition:- Your body needs adequate amount of all the nutrients for healthy living. Excess or deficiency of any nutrient leads to health issues. Muesli is one nutritious food that helps you maintain your overall nutrition requirement. It contains maximum of the minerals and antioxidants that are highly beneficial for your body. Your immune system gets stronger thereby enabling your body to fight various germs and other diseases. Unlike other cereals, it contains less sugar and calorie which benefits in your concoction control. This makes muesli an ideal breakfast option for all of us.

2) Promotes weight loss:- Obesity is a very common problem today that is also the cause of several other diseases. But, you can maintain your body weight with muesli. Consuming muesli gives a feeling of satiety and this reduces the intake of calories. Besides, the presence of Vitamin B and other nutrients, help you to maintain proper fat metabolism. Thus, with increased fat metabolism, you can burn more calories. Further, it boosts your digestive system enabling you to shed those extra kilos.

3) Enhances performance:- One of the key benefits of muesli is that it boosts your energy level, concentration and enhances your performance. The highly nutritious muesli satisfies your hunger pangs and boosts your energy levels. The rich fibre content freshen you up with more vigor and strength. This makes you more active, increases your concentration level and enhances your performance. It also helps you exercise more. Therefore, if you are an athletic person, then muesli is certainly a good breakfast option for you.

4) Good for your hair:- The excessive dust, pollution and stress may damage your hair immensely but it can be protected with muesli. The rich protein content along with other valuable minerals helps to improve the quality of your hair. Besides, it fights against the bacteria that may cause various scalp infections thus reducing hair fall and promoting hair growth.

5) Good for skin:- Muesli is healthy and we all know that healthy nutritious foods are the key to glowing skin. The oat based muesli give our skin a trace mineral called silica that helps you to have a beautiful complexion. In addition, muesli is an antibacterial agent that fights several skin rashes and infections. Therefore, consuming muesli everyday leads to beautiful, glowing skin.

6) Good for heart and cholesterol:- In the recent past, there is more number of deaths due to heart attacks. So protecting our heart is very important for our healthy living. You can protect your heart by eating muesli every day. The beta glucan present in muesli reduces the levels of bad cholesterol thereby reducing the chances of heart attacks. Besides the fibre content in it also aids in the process. You can also maintain your high blood pressure with muesli, which is another cause of frequent strokes.

7) Stabilize sugar levels:- Diabetes that is the 7 th leading killer in the word can also be reduced by consuming muesli. The soluble fibre present in muesli helps to stabilize the sudden fluctuations in the blood sugar levels thereby lessening the chances of diabetes. However, you need to check the ingredients list before buying muesli from the stores. Avoid the ones that contain added sugar and go for the ones made up of oat flakes, dried fruits and nuts. Such muesli will guarantee a lower glycemic index option. Both Type I and Type II patients can eat muesli as it will stabilize sugar levels accordingly. Consume it with yogurt or milk and avoid taking sugar.

8) Helps reduce hypertension:- Excessive stress is another reason people get affected by so many diseases. Thereby, reduce your hypertension with muesli. Many people depend on anti depressants to get rid of their anxiety but with regular consumption of muesli, you can let go of those tablets, and remain stress free in a much healthier way.

9) Fights age related diseases:- Suffering from age related ailments? Well not to worry, you can now fight several age related ailments like arthritis and rheumatism with muesli. The omega 3 fatty acids in muesli help in the development of your nervous system. Also, with age your teeth and bones get weak. Muesli is rich in calcium and iron which strengthens your teeth and the bones. Therefore, in order to draw these benefits of muesli, incorporate it in your daily food chart.

10) Prevents cancer:- Cancer is another disease that is life threatening. There are various types of cancer some of which can be prevented by consuming muesli. Muesli contains oats and nuts, which constitutes a phytochemical agent called lignans. This agent helps in reducing the possibility of getting affected by common cancers like breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer and ovarian cancer. In addition, the insoluble fibre fights carcinogens in your gastro intestinal track thereby lessening the risk of gastro intestinal cancer.

Among those, health benefits of following products are given below....

uesli Choco and Nuts Muesli Choco & Nuts 15550
Muesli Premium Muesli Premium 15552
Mix Fruit and Mix Nuts Muesli with Tropical Fruit 15548

Other benefits of Muesli

Besides, the above-mentioned ones, there are some other benefits of muesli as well. Have a look.

♦ Helps to maintain the body mass index ♦ Prevents accumulation of plague ♦ Detoxify your body ♦ Improves cognitive performance ♦ Fights cold and cough when mixed with cinnamon ♦ Increases sexual libido ♦ Heal wounds faster ♦ Vitalizes red blood cells ♦ Fights seasonal ailments ♦ Helps to maintain a healthy bowel

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