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♦ Special Super Power PROVIMI Protein Concentrate

PROVIMI Protein Concentrate, 63%-65%, Code No-K1050
PROVIMI brand high quality & high digestible protein concentrate is produced from different source of purified veg. protein and aquatic animal protein along with all necessary feed additives as per animal physiological demand which make the complete feed balance and increase F.C.R rate. The protein percentage of concentrate is more than 65% and digestibility is more than 92% whereas digestibility of good quality fish meal is 80-85% Max. So, it easily replaceable to fish meal and good for using poultry, fish & cattle feed. It contains gut flora which can prevent different pathogenic organism including diarrhea and help to boost absorption of nutrient from feed. Result of which growth, production & resistance power enhance in the animal. Through the purification process maximum anti-nutritional factors eliminate from the product. So it is quit safe & effective.

♦ Specification Of Product

♦ Amino Ai Profile

Name Percent
Moisture (Max) 8
Protein (Min) 63
Fat(Min) 5.38
Fiber (Max) 4.94
Carbohydrate (Min) 11.9
Ash(Min) 9.95
Calcium 1.47
Phosphorus 1.15
Sodium 1.18
M.Energy.K/Cal 4456
Digestiblity 92
Name Percent
Lysin 5.39%
Methionine 1.8
Threonine 3.47
Cysteine 1.28
Meth+Cyst 3.15
Aspartic acid 10.89
Serine 2.49
Glutamic acid 14.88
Glycine 5.23
Alanine 3.86
Valine 4.23
Isoleucine 4.1
Tyrosine 3.1
Phenylalaline 4.3
Phenylalaline 4.3
Histidine 4.29
Arginine 4.81
Arginine 5.86
Arginine 1.57

Suitable for

Cattle, Sheep, Equine, Dog, and Small Pet, Wild bird, Poultry, Fish & Shrimp.

Available Formats | Powder- Finally Grounded- Granulometry 80-100 mesh.


Packed in multi-laminated paper bag internally covered by polyline with net weight of 25kg @ big bag of 1,200 kg.25Kg multi-laminated paper paper bag or 50kg pp woven bag.

Additional Information

Trysin inhibitor (Max.) 3.50 mg/g
Aflatoxin (Max.) 0.01 mg/g
Salmonella sp Absent in 25g

Certifications: ISO 90007-DNV, Pro Terra- Cert ID, HACCP & GMP+B2-DNV, Koshaer & Halal.

Shelf Life 12 Months.

♦ GMO Free Product

♦ Made in Brazil

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