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♦ Soya Lecithin emulsifier | Soya Lecithin (Feed & food) grade additives

Soya Lecithin (Feed & food grade) which acts as an emulsifier and a great source of choline for the feed & food industry.

Main use | Feed grade

Poultry Feed, Aqua Feed, Shrimp Feed, Pig Feed. Animal Nutrition, Emulsification, Growth enhancer.

Main use | Food grade

In Instant Drink Mixes, Non Dairy Creams, Whole Milk Powders, Meat Sauces and Gravies, Cheese Sauces, Bakery Goods, Pasta, Chewing Gums, Chocolate / Cocoa, Frostings, Granola Bars, Low fat Cookies & Crackers, Fat Fillings, Peanut Butter, Ready Meals, Soups, Canned Products, Creams, As an instantiniser, As a Release Agent, In Salad Dressings, Medical, Dietary, Instant and Dehydrated Foods etc.
Shelf Life: 18 months


♦ Food Grade – NON GMO Soya Lecithin

Soya Lecithin Liquid (Feed Grade) Physical and chemical standards
Parameter Standard
Appearance Viscous liquid
Color Max 14
Moisture 1%
Viscosity 80-120 Poise
Odour Typical Predominantly Soya
Acid Value Max 40 KOH/gm
Peroxide Value Max 5 meq/kg
Acetone Insoluble Min 60%
Hexane Insoluble Max 0.3%
Toluene Insoluble Max 0.3%
Heavy Metals(Lead and arsenic) Below detection level
Total Plate Count Max 1000 CFU
Enterobacetriacae Absent/gm
Coliform Absent/gm
Yeast and Moulds Max 100
E.coli Absent/gm
Salomanella Absent
Typical Applications Poultry, Aqua, Shrimp, Cattle Feed
Recommended Storage Store in a cool dry place free from rodents and insects, toxic chemicals
Shelf Life 18 months-In unopened original packing under recommended
Packaging MS Barrels, HDPE barrels, IBC, Flexi Tanks, ISO Tanks
Packaging Size 200 Kgs, 240 Kgs, 800 Kgs, 1000 Kgs, 24000 Kgs
Description Free Flowing powder
Color Cream light Yellow to Brown
Appearance Light Yellow Powder
Particale Size 100% Pass through 60 mesh
Odour Typically Predominantly Soya
Acetone Insoluble 97% Min
Moisture 1% Max
Bulk Density 0.55-0.65 gm/cc/g
Acid Value 0.3% Max30 Max mg KOH/gm
Peroxide Value 5 Max meg/Kg
Hexane Insoluble 0.3% Max
Toluene Insoluble 0.3% Max
Total Ash 12% Max
GMO Content Negative
Total plate Count 1000 CFU Max
Coliform Absent/gm
Enterobacteriacae Absent/gm
E-Coli Absent/gm
Yeast & Moulds 100 Max
Salmonellae Absent
Storage Store in a cool and dry place free from toxic chemicals, Avoid exposure to light and moisture
Shelf Life 18 Months
Packaging Primary-Linger Bags, Secondary Corrugated Box

♦ Application

Soya lecithin is a natural-sourced, consistent, superior feed ingredient that is an excellent source of dietary phospholipids. It is a good additive for Poultry, Fish, Prawn, Shrimp, Pig & Pet, Cows & Cattle, other aquatic animals etc.

♦ Cyprinoid

Add phospholipids 2-5%, then can increase weight 15%, increase rate of weight growth to 30%, save feed 20.3%, reduce feed coefficient 2-8%,increase utilization of fat 3.5%, increase protein effective rate 30%, increase survival rate 2%.

♦ Shrimps

Add phospholipids 2-5%, increase weight 15%, increase relative growth rate 36%, increase survival rate 8%, save feed 13%.

♦ Table Poultry

Add 2% in earlier stage, add 2.5% in mid-term, add 3% in later stage, then daily Weight increased by 8%, feed efficiency can be increased by 7%, survival rate can be increased by 1.5%, the economic benefit can be increased by 2%.

♦ Layer laying hen

Adding phospholipids 1-3%, increasing laying rate 6%, increasing the weight 2.8g per egg, reducing the feed consumption 7.8% per egg, reducing protein consumption 7.2% per egg,extending the peak of laying eggs for half month, the phospholipids in yolk is 93mg/g.

♦ Breeding hens

In hot and humid season, add phospholipids 2%, laying egg rate will increase 7%, economic benefit will increase 6%.

♦ Pigs

Add phospholipids 2-6%, daily weight increasment 8%, feed consumption will decrease 7%, economic benefit will increase 7%,and immunity also can be increased.

♦ Cows & Cattles

Feed 100-200g soybean lecithin powder every day, daily weight increased by 10%; Add phospholipids 4- 6% to milk cow feed , daily milk yield can be increased by 4-10%.

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