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♦ Our Export product: Banana

The fruit Banana is variable size in Bangladesh, but is usually elongated and curved, with soft flesh rich in starch covered with a rind which may be green, yellow, red, purple, or brown when ripe. The Banana fruits grow in clusters hanging from the top of the plant. Almost all modern edible parthenocarpic (seedless) bananas come from two wild species – Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana.
Bangladesh land and weather is very suitable for growing different variety of banana round the year.
Among different variety, on the basis of local name the most popular & demandable varieties are ♦ SAGOR BANANA ♦ SABRI BANANA ♦ BANGLA BANANA (KOBRI BANANA) ♦ CHINI CHAMPA BANANA & ANAGI BANANA (KACHA KALA).

Anaaji Kola Anaaji Kola
Anaaji Banana (Kola) Anaaji Kola
Bangla Kola Bangla Banana
Chini Champa Banana (Kola) Chini Champa
Shobri (Kobri) Kola Shobri Banana
Shagor Banana (Kola) Shagor Banana
Shagor Banana Shagor Banana
Banana Export Packing Export Packing

♠ SAGOR BANANA is the most popular dessert banana in Bangladesh. It is also known as AmritSagor or Amritsagar. The plant is medium-sized and cannot withstand strong wind. The ripe banana develops a bright yellow colour. The average bunch has 5-7 hands and 12-13 fingers in each hand. Raamsagor is the most famous Sagorbanana for its large size, test and flavour.
♠ SHOBRI BANANA is also known as Malbhog, Onupam and Martaman. It is a popular dessert cultivar, widely grown in the north and western areas of Bangladesh . This tall plant has a yellowish green pseudostem with brownish blotches. The margins of the petiole and leaf sheath are reddish. The average bunch weight is about 10 kg. A bunch contains 85-120 fingers. Fruits are medium-sized. The peel is thin and the pulp is ivory-yellow in colour. Its texture is firm and taste sweet. However, hard lumps sometimes form in the pulp and the ripe fruits drop easily.
BANGLA BANANA (Kobri) is also known as Kabri, Bangla, Shail, Thutae and Manua. The fruits of this hardy plant are very sweet but sometimes contain seeds. The peel is light yellow in colour.
Chini-Champa Banana or Champa (AAB genome1) is one of the hardiest and tallest cultivar grown in the country. The cultivation of Banana is especially widespread in the Chittagong and Chittagong Hill districts. As an export item of Bangladesh Banana can be grown under rain-fed condition or with minial irrigation. Banana fruits are small and have a thin peel. The pulp is creamy in colour and its taste is sub-acid. The fruits turn golden yellow when ripe and keep well. The bunch contains 150-250 fingers and weighs about 16 kg.
ANAAJI BANANA (Kancha Kola) also known as Anaaji Kola in Bangladesh, is the most commonly found plantain in our country. The fruit is rich in iron and the inflorescence has a good anti-diabetic effect. It is eaten by coocking as vegetable alone or mix with other vegetable.

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